The Bridges Center for Labor Studies regularly arranges internships for academic credit with a diverse array of unions, labor organizations, and groups working for social justice. Labor Studies internships, along with applied labor research seminars and service learning options, help to develop the partnership between the University and the labor community. Students who gain experience through internships in labor organizations commonly go on to work in the labor movement.


For Students Seeking Labor Internships

The needs of labor and social justice organizations depend on the changing terrain of struggle and organization. Therefore, the possibilities for student involvement may vary greatly from month to month and year to year. Examples of recent opportunities include:

Opportunities are also regularly available through service-learning in labor studies classes. In some instances, the Bridges Center may help students set up the paperwork to receive academic credit for their work, including finding a faulty sponsor in their major, if possible. Students who have not declared a major, or whose major is not appropriate for a Labor Studies internship, may still receive credit by registering for General Studies 350. For more information on this option, and for general information on how internships are structured at the UW, visit the Carlson Center web page.

Students seeking internships should contact the Center to discuss the students' skills and interests and the current availability of internship opportunities at or (206) 543-7946. Students may also visit the Bridges Center office on the UW Seattle campus in Smith Hall, room M266, located on the mezzanine level between the second and third floors.


For Labor Organizations Seeking Interns

Several avenues are open to labor and social justice organizations seeking the help of a student intern, and who can offer work that would provide a real-world educational experience. For more information, please contact the Associate Director of the Bridges Center at or (206) 543-7946.