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About the Labor Archives of Washington

A collaborative project of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies and the University of Washington Special Collections, the Labor Archives of Washington works to preserve and make accessible the records of working people and their unions so that current and future generations understand the struggles and accomplishments of organized labor and working people.

The Labor Archives was founded in 2010 following a grassroots fundraising campaign within the labor movement. Crucial support was provided by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. On-going support for the Archives continues through the efforts of the Friends of the Labor Archives.

The Labor Archives of Washington is a center for research and education. As one of the largest repositories for labor materials in the United States, the Archives encompasses more than 200 collections, including the records of unions and of labor leaders and activists. 

UW360, a University of Washington television program, produced a series of short films about the Labor Archives of Washington. Stories highlight the collections and researchers who have used the archives, including many Harry Bridges Center faculty and fellows. For the full playlist click here. 

For more information, visit the Labor Archives of Washington website.



Friends of the Labor Archives

The Friends of the Labor Archives is dedicated to advancing the preservation and promotion of labor history through financial support and community outreach for the Labor Archives at the University of Washington. Members of the Friends receive regular Labor Archives reproductions and souvenirs and special invitations to events highlighting the labor history education, outreach and research made possible by the Archives.

Become a Friend! Individuals giving $100 or more a year and organizations giving $300 or more receive an annual membership in the Friends of the Labor Archives. Students and low-income individuals may join by giving $50 a year. To join, complete and mail a membership form along with a check to the address provided on the form, or donate through the University of Washington's secure on-line giving website.


Friends of the Labor Archives - Board of Directors
Conor Casey, Labor Archivist Steve Conway, WA State Senator, 29th District, Tacoma Robert Duggan, ILWU lawyer, retired James Gregory, former Harry Bridges Chair in Labor Studies
Andrew Hedden, Associate Director, Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies Holly Hulscher, ILWU Local 23 Jeff Johnson, President, Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO Ian Kennedy, past President, ILWU Local 52
Tom Lux, President, Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Ronald Magden, historian Terri Mast, National Secretary Treasurer, Inlandboatmen's Union Michael McCann, Director, Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies
Ross Rieder, past President, Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Patty Rose, Secretary-Treasuer, Pierce County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO Eugene Vrana, ILWU Director of Educational Services, retired Robin Walker, ILWU Director of Educational Services, Librarian and Archivist



Labor Archives Founder's Circle

Between 2008 and 2013, more than 270 individuals, unions, university departments and others helped raised over $500,000 to provide the initial funding for the Labor Archives of Washington State. Donors of $500 or more were memorialized as members of the Labor Archives Founders' Circle. The names below are inscribed on a plaque displayed with the Harry Bridges statue at the entrance to the University of Washington's Suzzalo Library. All dollar amounts reflect total given between 2008 and 2013.


Labor Archives Founder's Circle - Legacy Donors ($5,000+)
ILWU Longshore Division, $150,000 Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, $40,000 Washington State Labor Council, $30,500 WFSE Council 28, $15,000
IAM District 751, $10,251 ILWU Local 19, $7,405 SPEEA, $5,500 WA State Building and Construction Trades Council, $5,000
Jon Halgren, $7,011 Robert Duggan, $5,000 Bud Havlisch, $5,000 Michael Hurlock & Theresa Berg, $5,000
Terry Mason, $5,000      


Labor Archives Founder's Circle - Platinum Donors ($3,000-$4,999)
MLK Jr. County Labor Council, $4,250 ILWU Local 23, $4,205 SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, $4,000 ILWU Seattle Pension Club, $3,500
Washington State Council of Fire Fighters, $3,500 PTE Local 17, $3,050 ILWU Local 98, $3,000 Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific, $3,000
James Gregory & Susan Glenn, $4,000 Shirley McCabe, $3,050 Michael & Susan Casey, $3,000  


Labor Archives Founder's Circle - Gold Donors ($1,000-$2,999)
SEIU Local 925, $2,700 Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28, $2,500 Thurston-Lewis Mason Central Labor Council, $2,250 ILWU Local 52, $2,000
ILWU Pacific Coast Pensioners Association, $2,000 UW History Department, $2,000 UW Political Science Department, $2,000 IBEW Local 77, $1,875
Pierce County Central Labor Council, $1,847 UW Jackson School, $1,800 Schwerin Campbell Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt, $1,700 Teamsters Local 117, $1,600
AFSCME 1857, $1,500 ATU Local 1765, $1,500 ILWU Local 32, $1,500 IUOE Local 302, $1,500
WFSE Local 1488, $1,500 UW Sociology Department, $1,500 Musicians Association Local 76-493, $1,400 Seattle Labor Chorus, $1,150
Spokane Regional Central Labor Council, $1,125 AFT Washington, $1,100 Pacific Northwest Labor History Association, $1,100 IAM District 160, $1,000
ILWU General Fund, $1,000 ILWU Local 21, $1,000 ILWU Local 25, $1,000 ILWU Local 47, $1,000
Olympia Longshore Benevolence Association, $1,000 Snohomish County Central Labor Council, $1,000 UAW Local 4121, $1,000 Washington Educational Association, $1,000
Washington State Council of County and City Employees, AFSCME, $1,000      
Thomas & Pam Lux, $2,570 Ian Kennedy & Michele Drayton, $2,100 Russell & Ursula Alexander, $2,000 Charles Bergquist & Hwasook Nam, $2,000
Robert Kaplan & Margaret Levi, $2,000 Holly & Martin Hulscher, $1,500 Betty J Martinsen, $1,500 Lanny McGrew, $1,500
Lila H. Smith, $1,500 Joseph & Carolyn Wenzl, $1,500 Dale & Marie Hedden, $1,450 Arthur Mink, $1,050
Randall & Karen Nelson, $1,050 Michael Honey & Pat Krueger, $1,007 Robert & Trudy Beauvais, $1,000 David & Sally Bjornson, $1,000
Peter & Mildred Chelemedos, $1,000 Carrie Cihak & George Lovell, $1,000 Warren & Kathryn Hodges Family, $1,000 John & Judy Holmes, $1,000
Rachel Jacobsen & Senator Ken Jacobsen, $1,000 Eugene Dennis Vrana, $1,000    


Labor Archives Founder's Circle - Silver Donors ($500-$999)
UFCW Local 1439, $750 Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific-Columbia River Region, $700 UW Geography Department, $600 Carpenters Local 30, $500
ILWU Local 7, $500 ILWU Local 27, $500 ILWU Local 51, $500 Pacific Coast Maritime History Committee, $500
UFCW 21, $500 WEA Staff Organization, $500    
Herman and Islanda Gilman, $950 Jeffrey Johnson, $750 John & Jean Hammerback, $650 Emily Van Bronkhorst & Daniel Gilman, $620
Daniel Jacoby, $600 Jessica Bonebright, $525 Lewis Loveridge, $505 David & Kay Brennan, $500
Margaret Cary & Martin Garfinkel, $500 Carl & Linda Christenson, $500 Senator Steve Conway, $500 John Fern, $500
David Freiboth, $500 Larry & Phyllis Kenney, $500 Jeanne Kohl-Welles, $500 Ronald Magden, $500
Ray Nelson, $500 Jack O'Dell & Jane Power, $500 Bobby & Curtis Pearson, $500 Donald & Mary Poorman, $500
Robert R. Sherard, $500 Jasmin Weaver & Noah Purcell, $500 Max Vekich, $500