Outside internships may often be taken for academic credit at the University of Washington. In some instances, the Bridges Center may help students set up the paperwork to receive academic credit for their work, including finding a faulty sponsor in their major, if possible. Students who have not declared a major, or whose major is not appropriate for a Labor Studies internship, may still receive credit by registering for General Studies 350. For more information on this option, and for general information on how internships are structured at the UW, visit the Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Center web page.

Students seeking internships should contact the Center to discuss the students' skills and interests and the current availability of internship opportunities at hbcls@uw.edu or (206) 543-7946.

The needs of labor and social justice organizations depend on the changing terrain of struggle and organization. Therefore, student internship opportunities vary greatly from month to month and year to year. Examples of recent opportunities include:


Union Summer 

Union Summer is the paid ($17/hour) summer internship program of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO and its affiliated unions for people interested in getting involved in the labor movement. Union Summer participants will spend an exciting seven weeks — June 20 to August 7 — working full-time and hands-on with different campaigns, talking to our community, marching for justice, and gaining first-hand experience in the movement.


Legislative Intern, Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Each year, the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO seeks interns to help develop and coordinate legislative advocacy for Washington working families. This is a fun and challenging opportunity to learn more about issues important to working families, the labor movement, public policy and the legislative process. Plus, there are many opportunities for interns to pursue and develop their own policy interests and to build relationships with affiliated unions, legislators and coalition partners.


Organizing Apprenticeship - UNITE HERE Local 8

Be a part of the movement of low wage workers that is confronting corporate greed and winning safety, dignity and respect on the job through solidarity and action! UNITE HERE Local 8 is seeking Organizing Apprentices in the Seattle Metro region to organize in the hospitality industry. We take on multi-national corporations by building worker-led committees. We organize people to stand up for their rights, stick together and stay motivated in the struggle for justice.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made inequality in the Seattle Metro region much worse. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos have seen massive growth in their wealth, while hospitality and food service workers face record unemployment and insecurity.

Prior to the start of the pandemic, UNITE HERE Local 8 represented over 7,000 hospitality workers in Oregon & Washington State -- in hotels, restaurants, food service, and airport concessions. A majority of workers in these industries are still laid off. Local 8 members are connecting with other unemployed workers to fight for safety and security in their jobs during this pandemic, and building power so hospitality workers won't be left out of the economic recovery.

The Organizing Apprenticeship is a full-time position. To learn more, send an email with your resume and let UNITE HERE know why you want to join the fight for economic justice at Local8recruit@gmail.com .