Each year, the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies seeks proposals for policy-oriented research on aspects of labor directly relevant to policy makers in Washington State. 

Up to $13,000 is available for this grant. The full amount is sufficient to cover the salary and benefits cost of a quarterly R.A. appointment. Funding includes a tuition waiver for graduate employees. Proposals requesting funding for student salaries will be given priority consideration over others.

Topically, priority will go to work that examines:

  • Aspects of labor force employment, wages, conditions (including health and pension benefits), and/or unionization.

  • Local policies to ameliorate the impacts of trade, outsourcing, off-shoring subcontracting, or technology.

  • Policies of unions and professional organizations to expand or preserve marketable skills and quality production.

  • Problems facing contingent or casual workers and employment related aspects of poverty and/or discrimination.

  • Historical work that has direct impact upon contemporary policy.

  • International case studies and/or comparative research relevant to Washington State.

Selection of the Washington State Labor Research grant recipients will be made by the Standing Committee of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies and presented at the Bridges Center's annual awards celebration.


Who Should Apply

  • Priority is given to proposals by University of Washington faculty, both full-time and lecturer.

  • University of Washington graduate students may also apply if their project is sponsored by a faculty member.


Required Application Materials

  1. A proposal with maximum length 1500 words exclusive of timeline. Proposals must accomplish the following: 

    • Indicate the significance of the investigation to Washington State.

    • Summarize the state of current research and debate.

    • Explain the method of investigation and progress (if any) to date.

    • Include a timeline that demonstrates the capacity to finalize a report within two years.

  2. A separate budget detailing how the requested funds would be spent.

  3. A Curriculum Vitae for all of the project's investigators.

  4. Be sure to include contact information, including email, mailing addresses, and phone number.


Deadline to apply for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Monday, May 21, 2018


Where to Send Applications

Please submit applications electronically to Andrew Hedden, Associate Director of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, at hbcls@uw.edu .

Questions? Contact the Bridges Center at (206) 543-7946, or e-mail hbcls@uw.edu .