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About the Series

Due to COVID-19, some Labor Studies events in spring 2020 have been canceled or postponed. Most are now moving on-line. We are excited to announce two weekly on-line labor seminars. Numbering twenty separate sessions with a wide range of labor scholars and activists, these sessions are open to the public.

Full schedules, speaker information, and registration instructions are below. 

Questions? Contact the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies at hbcls@uw.edu or 206-543-7946 (voicemail only).



Labor in the 21st Century:  UW Bothell Colloquia Series

Every Tuesday, 1:15-3:15pm, from March 31 to May 26.

The experiences of working people fundamentally shape ideas, institutions, and movements.  At this critical juncture in our history, our colloquium is designed to let us pause and take stock of labors' experiences and where it appears to be heading.  We are particularly interested in understanding the unique issues of our times and the potential for organization in familiar or newer guises. 

Generously funded by the UW Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies this colloquium features UW faculty and their guests talking about contemporary issues involving work, workers and their organizations.  It is our hope to stimulate interest in Labor Studies at UW and more broadly. 

A link to join each session appears below.


April 9 -  Futurizing the Washington State Labor Force

Eleni Papadakis, Director, Washington State Workforce Training & Randy Spaulding, Director, Washington Board of Education.

1:30 PM. Zoom.  Join URL: https://washington.zoom.us/j/786559967


April 14 - Gig Labor and the Law.  

Charlotte Garden, Professor of Law, Seattle University

1:30 PM Zoom. Join URL: https://washington.zoom.us/j/469004771


April 21 - Forged Together: Labor and the Carceral State Education Project

Sabina Vaught, Professor, U of Oklahoma & Damien Sojourner, Professor UC Irvine

1:30 PM Zoom. Join URL: https://washington.zoom.us/j/469004771


April 28 - Japanese Teacher Unions

Keith Nitta, Professor UW Bothell  & Jordan Woljter, Law, Economics and Public Policy

1:30 PM Zoom. Join URL: https://washington.zoom.us/j/469004771


May 12 - Social Movement Unionism from the Grassroots

Dan Berger, Professor, UW Bothell

1:30 PM Zoom. Join URL: https://washington.zoom.us/j/469004771


May 19 - Organizing LGBT Women

Debbie Carlsen, Director LGBTQ Allyship, & Ching-in Chen, Professor UW Bothell

1:30 PM Zoom. To register and receive a Zoom link, email Dan Jacoby at jacoby@uw.edu.


May 26 - Strategies for supporting Immigrant and survival sex workers

Kari Lerum, Professor UW Bothell 

1:30 PM Zoom. To register and receive a Zoom link, email Dan Jacoby at jacoby@uw.edu.


*Canceled* June 2 - Undermining Academic Labor

Dan Jacoby, Professor, UWB



(Re) Defining American Labor: A Project of the UW Tacoma Labor Solidarity Project

Every Wednesday, 6:00-7:30pm, from April 1 to June 3.

Join the UW Tacoma Labor Solidarity Project for a weekly, online seminar that will adopt an intersectional approach while exploring the recent histories of the regional, national, and global labor movements. Each meeting will feature a presentation and discussion facilitated by a leading voice in mapping the trajectory of labor activism and scholarship. 

Presentations will be broadcast live each Wednesday from 6:00-7:30 p.m. via Zoom and are free and open to the public. Can't make the live performance? View archived presentations on our YouTube channel playlist.

The Labor Solidarity Project at UW Tacoma (UWT) consists of faculty and students working to highlight labor studies in the curriculum, in research, and through community outreach. The Labor Solidarity Project has organized speakers, research programs, and additional curriculum to highlight and deepen our region’s understanding of its distinctive and proud labor history and to shape a future of economic justice and opportunity for all through community-engaged higher education.

To register for a session, visit https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7

April 1 - (Re)defining American Labor

Alex Miller, UW Tacoma

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7


April 8 - What Low-Wage Work Did to Me and How It Drives America Insane, 

Emily Guendelsberger, author and activist

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7


April 15 - The Crisis at Boeing in Context

Leon Grunberg and Sarah Moore, University of Puget Sound; and union activist Stan Sorscher

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7


April 22 - Beaten Down, Worked Up: Organized Labor in 2020

Steven Greenhouse, former labor reporter for the New York Times

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7


April 29 - "Rebooting Big Tech" 

Professor Rob Larson, Economics, Tacoma Community College

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7


May 6 - Labor Wars of the Pacific Northwest

David Jepsen, Educator, Historian, Author, Film Maker

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7


May 13 - How to Organize to Win: Nonviolent Direct Action in Historical Perspective

Professor Michael Honey, UW Tacoma

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7


May 20 - The Evisceration of Civil Rights in the American Workplace

Professor Michael McCann, UW Political Science

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7


May 27 - South Sound Educators Roundtable

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7


June 3 - Working with the Land: Indigenous Labor and Fishing Rights

Danica Sterud Miller, Puyallup Tribe

6:00pm. Register: https://forms.gle/JSysKcCu3FmTv8hh7