Although this is coming several months late, the Bridges Center is excited to officially welcome and announce the addition of three incredible individuals to our staff and community!

Emma Hinchliffe

​Emma Hinchliffe, History

Emma Hinchliffe is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of History at the University of Washington as well as a talented film-maker and documentarian. Originally from the UK, Emma moved to Seattle in 2014 to pursue her PhD, which takes a focus on England’s Tudor Period and how the repercussions of events/developments in the sixteenth century still cast a shadow in modern day Britain. She is “especially interested in this age as the birth of what we in the modern day would call ‘PR campaigns’ and how the Reformation forged and solidified trends in Anglo culture and identity that separates its history from the continent.” Emma has been working with the Bridges Center since July, and has created several short films on the Center’s activities and involves, which may be viewed by following the link here.


Quinn Rao

Quinn Rao, Comparative History of Ideas 

Quinn Rao is currently a UW Undergraduate student and student/community activist, studying in the department of Comparative History of Ideas (CHID). During Quinn’s time at UW, she has been engaged with multiple student groups on campus, including Huskies for Food Justice (HFJ), Campus Animal Rights Educators (CARE), and United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). She is also an active member of Pacific Rim Solidarity Network (Parisol), where she works on local and international Chinese solidarity. Quinn was connected to the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies through the Union Summer Internship program, run by the Washington State Labor Council, and has been dedicated to advocating for workers rights, both on campus, in the community, and internationally through her activism and education. 


Farheen Saleem

​Farheen Saleem, Anthropology

Farheen Saleem is an Undergraduate senior in the Anthropology department at UW. Her studies and interests revolve around law and policy development and reform, with a focus on addressing and dismantling systems of oppression. Farheen is an active member of United Students Against Sweatshops with Quinn, where they are currently working to educate UW students on the realities of prison labor and how it is delegitimized by institutions such as UW. Farheen is an avid storyteller and hopes to help the Bridges Center expand by reaching out to more student groups on campus, and providing more opportunities for students who are not normally involved in Bridges Center activities to connect and share.

Since the summer, Emma, Quinn, and Farheen have been working to expand our programs by planning events, running student projects, and creating incredible resources for students, faculty and community members to engage with. Because of their efforts, we are in a better place than ever to reach more students, and to be conscious and intentional in our goals of building community, furthering labor research, and supporting the labor movement.