In a recent report, Bridges Center Faculty Associate Priti Ramamurthy (Professor; Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, University of Washington), explores how gendered differences manifest in the division of labor and informal economy, and how these hierarchies may be challenged through cultural production.

The article is titled: "Agrarian questions of labor in urban India: middle migrants, translocal householding and the intersectional politics of social reproduction." From the article abstract: 

Our paper re-considers the agrarian question in urban India by focusing on the social reproduction of labor in informal economy households. Based on life histories of working-class women of rural origin, we explore lived forms of differentiation within the informal economy, the social division of labor as mediated by intersecting lines of difference, and possibilities of disorienting normative hierarchies through acts of ‘cultural production’. Our term ‘middle migrants’ characterizes households that have managed to establish a foothold in cities, even as they remain enmeshed in their rural lives through translocal householding and cultural dispositions to difference.

To read the full report, visit Taylor and Francis Online