On February 1st, multiple MEChA Chapters from the Alto Pacifco region took action on their campuses, discussing immigration reform.

"As MEChA de UW we want to complicate the narrative of immigrants and the undocumented movement. In order to work for everyone in the community we must acknowledge and make visible the different intersections of oppression people face.

The fight for DACA and TPS are important struggles to overcome, however they include less than 2 million out of the 11 million undocumented people in the U.S. We must acknowledge that this country, built on slavery, colonialism and racism, has never included our people and if DACA and TPS are to be restored, the fight is not over to liberate everyone.

Furthermore, this is not a Latinx issue and we will continue to work with other folks from different immigrant and refugee communities to uplift and learn from each other. But also, ALWAYS acknowledge the Indigenous people who were here first. If we are to have true justice, we cannot have it on stolen land. UW is on Duwamish land which means doing this work must also be tied to the dismantling of colonialism.

Immigrants are Queer
Immigrants are Disabled
Immigrants are Muslim
Immigrants are Black
Immigrants are Indigenous
Immigrants are Womxn
Immigrants are Refugees
Immigrants are Transgender
Immigrants are Children
Immigrants are Gay
Immigrants are Human

#Not1MoreDeportation #AllofUsorNoneofUs #AbolishICE"